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Adult Games Newgrounds Is The New Thing In Porn

When you’re getting ready to enjoy some adult entertainment on the web, you got to try the collection of hardcore sex games that we are featuring on Adult Games Newgrounds. These games are not powered by the famous brand of online games, but we chose this name because this is a new category of sex games. They are modeled after the mainstream non-adult games powered by Newgrounds. These new games are coming with incredible graphics and cross platform compatibility. That’s because they are all crafted using HTML5 and you will surely enjoy every moment you spend playing them on your computer or mobile device. Another thing special about these games is the level of customization that’s available for both avatars and characters. You will be able to make them look however you want, fulfilling all kinds of fantasies you might have. And it’s not all about straight guy fantasies on our site. We are one of the few sites to offer games for everyone.

Besides all the popular categories for straight men, we also have games for gay men, lesbians, women, couples and even furry lovers. We have so many games on our site that you won’t even know where to start. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay that are coming your way. You can enjoy them all for free and they all will be played directly into your browser. There are no strings attached to our offer. And to be forward with everything, we do feature ads on our platform, because that’s how we keep the things free. However, we feature less ads than your average mainstream porn tube. We detailed everything about our site in the paragraphs below, where you can learn more about Adult Games Newgroudns and how to get the best experience out of our site.

The Adult Games Newgrounds Is Featuring Everything You Need

No matter who you are or what fantasies you have, you will sure find the perfect game for a night of hardcore fun on our site. We have hundreds of games and when we put together this collection, we took the list of the most popular categories and the most wanted but rare ones, and we included games in each and every one of them.

We have sex simulators on our site where you can experiment with every kink you have ruminating in your mind. These simulators are coming with extreme customization. You can make the characters look like the woman of your dream. We have games with teens and MIFL porn games on the site, you will be able to change their shapes and curves, some games will let you change their ethnicity and there are even games in which you can change things about their personalities and sex skills. And the simulators come with so much sexual freedom. From the most sensual girlfriend experience gameplay to extreme BDSM kinks, you can try out everything in the sex simulators of Adult Games Newgrounds.

Enjoy Story Driven Sex Games

Because we know that so many of the players who are ending up on our site are more into the stories and erotica side of gaming, we have RPG porn games and text-based games which will put you in the middle of the story. The family sex games in this collection will make you feel the thrills of incest. And some of these games are coming with multiple endings based on the decisions you make along the way. You can even play a parody for World of Warcraft on our site, in which you will have to level up your character and complete some intense sexual quests.

Adult Games Newgrounds Has Those Rare Games You Want

As mentioned in the intro of this review, we have queer games on the site. The gay sex games for men are not that rare, but we have lesbian sex games that were truly made for lesbians. At the same time, we have all the types of trans porn games you could wish for, featuring everything from shemale-on-shemale action to trans on cis woman fucking gameplay. No matter if you’re a lady or a man, you will love the collection of porn games for women that we have on the site. It’s coming with some kinks that you won’t expect to be as popular amongst babes. They enjoy so many hardcore things, including rape fantasies, gang bang games, cuckold and cheating simulators and even yaoi hentai games. But we also have games that men and women can play together. The sex games for couples that we have on our site are going to help you introduce new ideas in the sex experiences that you have with your partner. You can also enjoy games that were created to guide you and your partner through a perfect sex session, by giving you ideas for positions and how to have the best sex.

All The Games Are Free On All Devices

Adult Games Newgrounds is coming with so much action that you can enjoy in front of your computer or on any mobile device that you might have. We made sure of that by trying out all the games that we have on our site on multiple devices to make sure that they don’t lag and crash on you when things start getting interesting. At the same time, there are no strings attached to our site. You won’t need to join the site before you can play the games, there are no things that require download, and the ads are kept on the minimum. For example, we have no ads that will play while you game. The only video ad that we have on the site will play while the games will load up. And we feature some gif banner ads on the sides of the pages. You won’t even feel like there are ads on our site, but you will feel all the games in the most interactive ways.

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